We value our customers. That is why we work very closely with our customers and listen to their needs and requirements. Their requirements are immediately reflected in our product development and upgrade processes to ensure customer satisfaction


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About Viascope

ViaScope has continuously pioneered the core technologies of network solutions, including access control, traffic monitoring, IP asset management and DHCP servers, since it was founded in 1999. Developed and engineered with experience and knowledge accumulated over the past 10 years, the flagship product, IPScan solution, is the worldwide de facto standard in it's industry. 

Over the years, ViaScope has constantly developed and innovated core technologies, and has endeavored to meet customer needs, as we recognize that the increasing importance of technical innovation is due in part to the globalization of markets. We also believe that innovations based on the customer's greatest needs are the truest innovation to pursue as a market leader.

Successfully acquired over 2,200 worldwide customers (as of April, 28, 2012) ViaScope strives for the highest levels of technology with over 2,000 satisfied customers worldwide and has established 28 strategic alliances in 20 countries for aggressive and promising marketing activities. 



Integrated DHCP & IP Address Management Solutions Providing Superior Layer 2 Network Access Control IPScan XE is a high-performance solution, a must-have for network administrators who want to manage end-point communications. It is also an agentless network access control solution that provides network administrators with essential tools, including IP address management. 

IPScan Console

Installed on the IT manager's PC, it connects to the IPScan Server to view, monitor and define IP/MAC policies.

IPScan ServerInstalled in the main data center, it communicates with Probes to receive and store collected data and forwards the IP policies defined by IT manager. It supports MS-SQL 2000, 2005 Server and MySQL 

IPScan Database

Collected data and policies are stored in the RDBMS. MS-SQL 2000, 2005 Server and MySQL Server are compatible. DB Server and IPScan Server can be installed in the same hardware platform if there are fewer than 5,000 active IP's. For more than 5,000 active IP networks, a separate hardware platform is required for each. 

IPScan Probe

A software-technology-embedded hardware Probe designed to control small to large size network. 
Implements the policies defined by the IPScan Console Support 802.1q to manage multiple VLANs from a single device. 
Built in DHCP Server (Probe 50, 100A, 200, 600R, 1000R)

r800-model r850-model  
IPScan Probe 50 IPScan Probe 100A/200
IPScan Probe 600R    

Tech Supports

ViaScope Technology Services ensures the success of your investment in our technology. We provide unmatched services to our worldwide customers and partners through our commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to personalized support.