Network Management System

Always short staff to manage your thousands of CPEs located in multiple locations or complicated IP DSLAM in your CO side ? Want to simplify tasks of your net admin and technician and bring down costs at once ? DrayTek's Central Management Solutions designed of SI, ISP and telecom can meet your needs. Not only launching product lines for CPE complied with TR-069 and IP DSLAM for CO in order to support the all-inclusive multifunctional communication environment, such as IPTV, VoIP and Internet access, DrayTek provides VigorACS and VigorCMS server for your centralized management.

Smart Monitor can provide viable network traffic analysis inside of small & medium size companies to get the in-depth understanding about how employees manage their work hours and what information they release to outside world. Therefore, employers can much easily design customized training program(s) to enhance particular employee’s productivity and prevent the damage of inappropriate information releasing.










VigorCMS VigorACS SI VigorACS Smart Monitor