Web Content Filter

web-content-filterDrayTek is always keen to find ways to further secure customers' daily Internet activities. In addition to manufacturing networking devices with comprehensive protection, we also collaborate with the well-known vendor – Commtouch specialized in Web Content Filter solution to extend protection to user’s individual surfing behaviors.


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Specs & Benefits

  • Zero-Hour Security for identifying outbreaks on their way to users, instead of reacting to their pain.
  • Innovative Data Cloud Technology for overcoming local storage limitations and satisfying customers' specific needs.
  • Unparalleled Accuracy :
  • -  Customer-oriented classification triggered by every new site customers browse.
  • -  Routine analysis of site dynamics and user behavior determines scan granularity.
  • -  Continuous tracking ensures exact classification of each URL at every moment.
Commtouch GlobalView URL Filtering categorizes user URL requests in the following manner:
  • The GlobalView URLF engine is installed on DrayTek devices.
  • DrayTek device receives an http request.
  • DrayTek device queries the GlobalView server to check the URL classification. The GlobalView URLF engine first checks its local cache for URL values; typically more than 99% of queries are locally resolved by the cache.
  • If necessary, the GlobalView URLF engine queries the Commtouch Detection and Classification Center for relevant updates.DrayTek device blocks, allows or strips content according to the classification it receives from the GlobalView URLF engine.


  • 64 categories – 8 of which are security related
  • Language- and content-agnostic; vast coverage of international sites
  • Database contains hundreds of millions of the most relevant URLs
  • Auto-adjusting cache
  • Handles >50,000 requests per second with low resource utilization
  • Returns up to 5 categories per URL
  • Confgurable cache footprint
  • Support http


Figure 1. URL filtering objectives

Vigor series with Commtouch Detection & Classification
Vigor series with Commtouch Detection & Classification

Figure 2. Vigor series with Commtouch Detection & Classification