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Protegent 360

Protegent PROProtegent total security boasts the world as the biggest antivirus database engine. Its enhanced vulnerability scanner (Inbuilt) has features for Resident Protection, E-mail Scanner, On-Demand Scanner, and Virus Vault for safe handling of files and automatic hourly updates. The real challenge is to take maximum efficiency from your subordinates. It has also become important to keep our machine safe from unethical Activities in our absence. Activity Monitoring and reporting helps us in keeping the log of complete work done on a computer. This module reports all the unethically defined activities and send’s reports directly to your email. This also helps the organizations to enhance the activity of their staff by 20% as now they are aware that the entire work log is going via email to their boss restricting them not to do personal chat, web browsing, playing games etc. Keeping your data safe and protected is a challenge for each individual and organization. In today’s world we require Controlling, monitoring and preventing the flow of data from the computer. Port locker a data leakage prevention module allows you to protect the flow of data from all the ports leaving no chance of data theft. This module is also equipped with email filtering, so user can not send files/ mails which are not authorized by the organization. You can make Pen drives white listed or read only for the computers within your organization. In case if the laptop is lost, missing or stolen, Locate Laptop module helps in finding it the moment it gets connected to Internet. Its ability to find out the location from the IP with which it is connected to Internet helps in physical theft prevention of the Laptop. If Laptop does not get connected to Internet for a specified time, this module automatically encrypts the important data folder and makes it unusable for others. Protegent360 encompasses internet threats and data safety through its four modules as

Protegent Total Security

Port Locker & Data Leakage Prevention

Activity Monitoring & Reporting

Laptop Tracking with Data Encryption. 

Protegent Pro

Protegent PRO

Protegent PRO has two factors first one is Crash Proof and second one is Protegent Total Security. Crash Proof software designed to keeps the images of the file indexes/ disk properties and keeps updating them at regular intervals. Protegent Total Security software comes across with a unique and advanced firewall protection, securing computer from the advanced e-threats. Crash Proof Protegent Total Security