Vu TelePresence™ for Healthcare


Healthcare is most effective when the Doctor and the patient are face-to-face. Access to the right expert at the right time can make a huge difference in the quality of diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

With the advent of Vu TelePresence’s high definition videoconferencing unit, the patient can be seen in high resolution, allowing Medical Practitioners to make a diagnosis rapidly and effectively. Besides the ease of use for Medical care providers and the low cost, the applications of Vu TelePresence in medicine are vast.

Use cases for Vu TelePresence in Healthcare include:

  • Doctors and healthcare professionals can view patients at remote locations, increasing timely care and productivity
  • Anytime access to subject matter experts and specialists
  • Reduce expensive patient transfers
  • Provide healthcare to rural areas, schools, prisons, etc
  • Real time clinical trials
  • Education and training of Medical professionals

The Federal Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA- outlines the requirements that organizations handling client/patient records and information must follow to protect patient health information. Vu TelePresence provides standards based embedded encryption (128-bit AES) and password access in order to facilitate HIPAA compliance by organizations for patient confidentiality.

However, the customer is ultimately responsible to ensure that proper privacy and security measures have been implemented to protect patient health information.

HIPPA is not technology specific, but rather dictates that an organization must use due diligence to secure patient health information. Vu TelePresence’s utilization of 128-bit AES encryption and password access meets or exceeds HIPAA guidelines outlining the requirements necessary. However, use of Vu TelePresence systems does not mean the customer is HIPAA compliant but only pertains to the ability of the product to meet such guidelines as long as the customer follows acceptable IT security practices within its organization.