Redundancy Solutions

The bundle of two MyPBX is optimized for use as a failover system which could provide rapid failover in the event of system failure. Once the active server failure is detected, all the telephony would be switched to the standby server automatically. Thus the downtime was kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the normal operation of all the functions for users.

How it works
There requires two identical MyPBX for Hot Standby configuration. One is defined as primary server and the other as secondary server. If both servers start up at the same time and are of equal operational health, the primary server would become the active server while the secondary server acts as the standby server. Each server has its own private IP address which allows server management and configuration replication to be performed between the two servers via the IP network. But the users communicate with either primary server or secondary server via virtual IP address, which is activated only on the current active server. If the primary server fails, it changes to the standby state and the secondary server changes to the active state. The virtual IP address would be activated automatically on the secondary server. So the users would register to secondary server using the same IP address. Then the administer would be notified of the server failure via email or SMS.

MyPBX Redundancy Solution