Linux Basics

Discover the Windows alternative that companies like IBM, Dell, HP, Novell and Sun are excited about. Students will install Linux, configure the X Window System, and learn to navigate the Linux command-line shell. Students will also learn fundamental concepts common to Linux: the kernel, Linux file system, boot process and run levels, shell scripting, and editing text files.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Using Linux
  • Planning your installation
  • Pre-installation Hardware Considerations
  • Installation of Linux
  • Installing and Updating Software in Linux
  • User Administration in Linux
  • Administration of Filesystems and Security
  • Administration of Networks in Linux
  • Linux Essentials
  • Configuring Printing and File Sharing
  • Configuration Files and Related Topics
  • Maintenance of a Linux System
  • Troubleshooting Problems in a Linux System
  • Troubleshooting in Linux
  • Hardware Issues in Linux
  • More Hardware Issues in Linux
  • Multimedia in Linux
  • Introduction to sed and awk
  • Security Issues
  • Printing and Mail
  • Hodgepodge: Learning to Learn Linux

Course Duration : 4 days
Course Fee :
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